Development Policy

Development Policy

Category: Office of Advancement
Number: 5.03
Responsibility: Director, Development and Donor Relations
Approval: Board of Trustees
Approval Date:  June 24, 2011
Issue Date: Issued April 1988, Revised June 1992, Revised May 1998, Revised May 2004, Revised June 2011
Next Review: June 2015

The Office of Development and Donor Relations supports the philanthropic enterprise on campus and is responsible for supporting and administering fund-raising initiatives important to advancing the objectives of Brock University and including all capital campaign activities. To ensure funds continue to be raised and applied to University priorities, the following development policy has been adopted.

The purpose of this policy is

  • To facilitate funding activity that supports the strategic plan and priorities of the University
  • To encourage appropriate fund-raising across campus

This policy applies equally to all Brock University Departments and Faculties, the Brock University Foundation and the Friends of Brock University (a public foundation incorporated in USA).

The Office of Development and Donor Relations reports to the Vice President, Advancement and is responsible for

  • All matters relating to fund raising for any purpose
  • Coordinating the efforts of the University community to increase funds raised for the University
  • Administering all gifts to maintain the charitable status of the University. See Donation Policy.
  • Acknowledging gifts to both the donor and the University’s recipient. See Donor Relations Policy.
  • Communicating with the University community and all constituents and stakeholders, including alumni, to foster relationship building and stewardship

Organizers of all fund-raising events where there is an expectation of a charitable tax receipt must determine the receipt value with the approval of the Director, Development and Donor Relations. The value of the tax receipt will be dictated by the type of event, and in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations.
For the purpose of building engagement and soliciting support, the Office of Advancement is the owner of all information relating to direct interaction with alumni and prospective and confirmed donors; and the steward of all information relating to interaction between non-Advancement units with alumni and prospective and confirmed donors.

A major campaign requires approval by the Board of Trustees.

While faculty and staff are encouraged to cultivate potential donors, no person shall solicit donations on behalf of the University unless authorized to do so by the Office of Development and Donor Relations through the Prospect Management Clearance Protocol.

In cases where a prospective donor approaches a member of the University community, such information must be communicated to the Director, Development, Office of Development and Donor Relations to ensure consistency with University policies.

The University undertakes to provide budget support for its continuing and approved fund-raising programs. The means of financing will be determined prior to any campaign by the Office of Development and Donor Relations. While the cost of raising money may vary, the University will make every effort to keep fund-raising costs to a minimum and within industry standards.

While recipient Faculties/Departments are encouraged to add their expression of gratitude when a gift is acknowledged, it is the responsibility of the Office of Development and Donor Relations to steward all philanthropic gifts to the University.