A transdisciplinary space at Congress 2014

At Congress 2014, SJRI created a transdisciplinary space fostering dialogue and galvanizing colleagues from the social sciences and humanities around themes of social justice. A key priority was to break down boundaries and connect the threads of social justice scholarship taking place across various associations.

To do this, SJRI promoted the social justice events of 21 academic and community organizations, including co-sponsoring 11 high profile events.

Content from SJRI’s co-sponsored keynote events was recorded and edited into a short montage video. The purpose of this video is to re-create and celebrate this “transdisciplinary social justice experience” from Congress 2014.

Full video footage for the following co-sponsored keynote events is available online:

Globalization and social movements for global justice
Panelists | Manisha Desai (University of Connecticut); Philip McMichael (Cornell University); Janet Conway (Brock University); Katharine Rankin (University of Toronto)
Sponsors | Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID); Canadian Sociology Association (CSA); Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG); Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA)

Work, labour, and democracy: searching for the next labour movement
Presenter | Elaine Bernard (Harvard University)
Sponsors | Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA); Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies (CAWLS)

Spaces of resurgence: rupturing colonialscapes
Presenter | Sarah Hunt (Simon Fraser University)
Sponsors | Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG); ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies

SJRI’s co-sponsored social justice program and organizing efforts were also highlighted in articles by the Brock News and on the Congress Blog.

Thank you to the presenters, panelists, performers, and participants for this shared experience. We are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our official videographer (Lauren Regier) and Congress coordinator (Andrea Doucet). Our appreciation also goes out to the co-sponsored keynote event organizers: David Butz, Janet Conway, June Corman, David Fancy, Margot Francis, Julian Kitchen, Mary-Beth Raddon, Larry Savage, and Sue Spearey.

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