Symposium: Ubuntu and the Creation of Sustainable Learning Environments

Date: April 14
Time: 6 to 8 pm
Location: OISE  252, Bloor St W, Toronto

Chair: Jamie Magnusson, Ph.D., (OISE/UT)


Sechaba MG Mahlomaholo, Ph.D.  (University of the Free State, South Africa)
Dipane Hlalele, Ph.D. (University of the Free State, South Africa)
Milton Nkoane, Ph.D. (University of the Free State, South Africa
Dolana Mogadime, Ph.D. (Brock University, Canada)

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Ecohealth Webalogue [April 15]: Activism in Academia

Ecohealth in Action Webalogue – Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 12:30-2:00pm PDT.

Our topic for the month of April is: “Activism in academia: A good idea, in theory”

The Ecohealth in Action Webalogue series, hosted by the Western Node of CoPEH-Canada, aims to highlight the diverse ways in which practitioners, professionals, policy-makers, community members and researchers are responding to topical issues at the nexus of health, ecosystem, and society. The interactive 90-minute sessions will focus especially on action and practice, and will purposefully profile issues that cut across disciplines, sectors, jurisdictions, species and geographical boundaries.

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Love Animals? Support Poverty Eradication and Humane Jobs | Huffington Post

Kendra Coulter, Brock Labour Studies

Violence against animals is horrific wherever it occurs. Yet much of it is normalized and hidden from public view on factory farms, in slaughterhouses, in the wildlife trade, in cosmetics testing facilities. Most animals are harmed in the pursuit of money.

There are significant differences between a large agricultural corporation seeking profit and someone with few options having to take a job working for that corporation, however. Close to home and around the world, working class and poor people are really struggling. In countries like Canada, unemployment and underemployment persist. We have been told that corporate tax cuts would create jobs, yet many of the few positions now available provide only poverty wages and part-time hours. Globally, over two billion people try to live on less than two dollars a day. In much of the global south, people face a “choice” between poverty wages in factories, or poverty income on farms. People are not poor by choice, and they should not be mocked or demonized.

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CFP [Due - May 1]: Indigenous Sovereignties

Indigenous Sovereignties: Native Monarchies, Principalities, and Empires in the atlantic worlds (America and Africa, 15th-19th centuries)


For the historian, can the interest in indigenous sovereignty ever be anything other than desire for “the beauty of death,” to borrow Michel de Certeau’s phrase from 1970, referring to studies by nineteenth-century men and de Certeau’s contemporaries on popular culture and folklore? According to de Certeau, “popular culture presupposes a mechanism that cannot be admitted. It had to be censored in order to be studied. Thus, it can only become an object of interest because the danger [it represented] had been eliminated.”

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Call for Applications [Due - May 15]: BEA Institute South Africa Summer Programs

Bridge Education Abroad (BEA) Institute South Africa Summer Programs (Johannesburg & Cape Town)

On behalf of Bridge Education Abroad Institute (BEAI), I am writing to you today to inform you about our summer programs in South Africa. Our institute plans short programs all across the world, to provide students with unique opportunities to experience different political cultures while strengthening their leadership and diplomacy skills. Our programs draw a diverse group of students together from all over the world to discuss pressing global issues while exchange cultural values. In a rapidly globalizing world, we believe these experiences are invaluable to the success of students in the global job market.

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Call for Applications [Due - April 30]: International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School

International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School 2015, York University, Toronto

Mean Streets: Class Struggle, Capital Circulation and Public Space

Dr. Don Mitchell, Distinguished Professor, Syracuse University

Monday July 6 to Friday July 17, 2015

This course will focus on the production of urban space – especially public space – as a function of both class struggle and the circulation of capital. It is vital to understand how capital circulates through and shapes the urban landscape – through property and built forms – as well as how it doesn’t: struggles often interrupt the circulation of capital and themselves significantly shape urban space. Such circulation and struggle is not abstracted from the “natural” world of which it is a part. Rather, capitalism must be understood as ecosystem. Therefore, in this class we will examine the position of public space in urban political economies and political ecologies, since public space is a basis for urban life as well as for accumulation. We will also analyze how and why “the streets” of the city are becoming increasingly mean in capitalism: mean in both the pecuniary and the punitive sense. Such meanness is, we’ll see, precisely the state of the contemporary class struggle in urban capitalism.

The application deadline is Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Call for Applications [Due - April 20]: CODESRIA Gender Institute

CODESRIA Gender Institute: Gender, Land Management and Food Security in Africa

Date: 8th – 26th June, 2015

Venue: Dakar, Senegal

DEADLINE: 20th April 2015

Call for applications: Session 2015

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) is pleased to announce the 2015 session of its annual Gender Institute. It therefore invites researchers to submit their applications for participation in this Institute to be held from 8th to 26th June, 2015 in Dakar, Senegal.

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SJRI affiliate to speak at province-wide research symposium | Brock News

The Ontario Council on University Research has selected Jennifer Rowsell, Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies, to participate in the upcoming Ontario and Canada Research Chairs Symposium, to be held in Toronto April 1-2.

Rowsell, professor in the Department of Teacher Education, and director of the Centre for Multiliteracies and the Brock Reading Clinic, will be speaking on the symposium’s education panel.

“What an incredible honour to be chosen to speak at the Big Thinkers Event and I am grateful to Brock and the Office of Research Services for nominating me,” Roswell said. “I am passionate about literacy education and the promise of future innovations for teaching and learning in Ontario. ” The symposium brings together Ontario and Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) to give presentations in six key areas: ethics, economy, education, health, renewable energy, and borders. Rowsell will be presenting at a breakout session starting at 9:30 a.m. April 2.

“The fact that Dr. Rowsell was chosen to represent Brock University at this prestigious event shows not only the quality of her research but the importance of children’s literacy in the classroom,” said Kevin Kee, Vice President Research – Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Application [Due - May 1]: Indigenous Writing Program

Banff Centre Opportunity: Indigenous Writing Program

September 7 – 19, 2015 (on-site residency)
September 28- December 4, 2015 (online program)

Application deadline: May 1, 2015

Note to Canadian applicants: Applications are made directly to the Canada Council for the Arts.

About the Indigenous Writing Program

The Indigenous Writing Program is a unique opportunity for writers to develop their writing and storytelling voices amidst a vibrant community of renowned faculty and fellow writers. It offers an extended period of writing time: an intensive two-week residency at The Banff Centre followed by 10 weeks working online from your own home or work space. Writers accepted to the program will receive invaluable one-on-one editorial feedback with outstanding faculty during the residency and continue working online with a mentor-editor throughout the 10 weeks.

The Indigenous Writing Program integrates one-on-one and group sessions, focused writing time, and the opportunity to present one’s work alongside faculty in a dynamic reading series at The Banff Centre. The program supports Indigenous storytellers by enabling concentrated manuscript development under the mentorship of acclaimed Indigenous writers, by cultivating the important role of writers as storytellers, and by integrating culturally relevant perspectives and guidance throughout the program. Writers apply directly to the Canada Council for the Arts.

Applicants accepted to the program will receive a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts which covers 100% of program fees, accommodation, meals, and travel.


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Early Registration [Due - April 24]: Peace and Dialogue Courses

The Institute for Peace & Dialogue offers scholarships for their international academic summer programs in Baar, Switzerland.


  • I SUMMER ACADEMY: 7-17 August, 2015 (11 Days)
  • II SUMMER ACADEMY: 17-27 August, 2015 (11 Days)


There are several types of scholarships offered to support participation when paying the discounted fee before 24 APRIL, 2015.

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