Pictures from my trip

Pictures from my trip

As my time in Ghana is winding down, I thought I would share some photos from my trip.

Women carrying gear

This picture was taken at a taxi/market station and shows some women carrying gear, as well as one with a young child in a type of sling - this is a pretty typical sight.

Suma Court

This is Suma Court, our guest house - this picture was taken from the street.

Container Shops

This picture and the next show container shops - these are similar to freight cars/containers, but with a roof and front porch - they are often painted up in fun colours and situated along the roadside to create a shopping area. At the end of the day, the gear is stored back inside, and a padlock put on it until the morning.

More container shops

More container shops


Finally, this is a picture of a trotro (a kind of shared transportation) - the driver waits along the roadside until it is full, and then has an established route that he follows - most get to work using this system. I am a wimp - I've been sharing what is called a 'drop taxi', which picks you up and drops you at a specific place, rather than just at the taxi stations or trotro stops. A bit more expensive, but quicker because without the frequent stops along the route. The picture is similar to the type of vehicle we took back from Cape Coast last weekend - the driving is 'exciting'.

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time in Ghana, and I hope that this blog has given you some insight into life in Ghana, and the Leave For Change program.

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