Re-discovering Tartu

Despite my major trips to Stockholm followed immediately by Pskov, Moscow and St. Petersburg starting April 10th, Tartu is still yielding unexpected experiences. This past weekend, a group of exchange students went to the A Le Coq Brewery. Tartu is the home of this particular beer and the company is one of the biggest producers of beverages (juice, pop, beer, etc) in Estonia. This tour was rather interesting, being entirely in the Estonian language, of which only one person in the group of exchange students had a bit of comprehension so the rest of us used our experience from having visited other breweries in our travels to piece together what was going on. The end of the tour concluded like all tours of breweries end, sampling the product, however at this particular one, many more samples are provided.

Going to this brewery, aside from seeing a rather significant part of Tartu’s history (the brewery has been operating since the early 1800s and survived German occupation of the city during WWII), it brought me to a part of Tartu I had yet to visit. Realizing this, I have discovered that I need to take advantage of this nice weather, above 0 C temperatures and reasonably clear sidewalks to explore the parts of Tartu I have not visited. I can remember taking the airport shuttle through the city as it made the rounds picking up people at their homes that there was a cluster of churches in a neighbourhood of wooden houses. With that as a starting point, I’m sure that there is plenty more to discover here once I have returned from my few remaining international excursions.


About Ian

Tere, My name is Ian and I am a fourth year student in a combined major of history and political science here at Brock. This year, I was fortunate enough to go on academic exchange to Estonia, where I have been fortunate to be able to explore (and continue to, at least until the end of June) this side of the Atlantic.

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