Let’s Just Get Up To Speed, Shall We? (Featuring Day 1 and 2 of my Euro-travels)

It’s been somewhat of a challenge for me to submit blog-posts about events that I’ve experienced months ago; in terms of story-telling, I’m the type that wants to include every little detail, despite what the reader may or may not be interested in. With that being said, and after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to scrap my initial plans of describing my experience abroad from the very beginning in complete detail.

Instead, below you will find a brief point-form style list featuring just a few interesting little bits about my experience abroad in Swansea, Wales thus far:

- the beach across the street from the university is the best place to hang out on warm and sunny days, which we’ve been getting a lot of lately
- a place called Gower, just down the street (and by ‘just down the street’, I actually mean ‘about an hour’s walk down the beach’), is absolutely breathtaking; if you don’t believe me, search ‘Gower’ on Google Images. It’s one of my favourite day-trip locations.
- I spent a few days in Dublin, Ireland during the middle of March, and greatly enjoyed the mass celebration and festivities pf St. Patrick’s Day that occurred throughout the city (which is a really lovely place, even on an ordinary day).
- after several right-place-at-the-right-time instances, I managed to help form a 7-piece band (though we originally began as a quartet, we’ve since recruited a couple friends, and an audience member from one of our gigs) that now plays regularly in town. I live for music, so this really is living the dream; I still cannot comprehend how incredible it all is…how everything came together the way it did.
- we get a month-long holiday in April, which will consist of travelling through Switzerland, France, Spain, and finally, Italy. A flatmate and I started planning (booking transportation tickets and hostel rooms) for the trip about a month ago, and yesterday we finally departed for Geneva, where I currently type this blog-post from. I’ve been writing one (very) short blurb in my journal at the end of each day, and I plan on posting each one to this blog. Short and sweet: who would’ve thought I’d ever commit to such a thing?

Day 1 of my Euro-travels – Big beautiful mountains surround Geneva, and everybody speaks French here. There are lots of kebab shops, and there’s a really neat thing that shoots water vertically out of the lake. Also, South Park characters sound the same in French as they do in English. I have yet to see the city during the daylight hours.

Day 2 of my Euro-travels – Geneva is beautiful; 25 degrees and sunshine doesn’t hurt. The mountains around the city distract me from everything else. My French is improving: I gave someone the time. The Sunday fruit market smelled and tasted delicious, and the vertical jet of water shooting out of the lake continues to amaze me.

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