Travel and Tim Hortons Substitutes: The Lifeblood of a Canadian Exchange Student

Today, I picked up the paperwork for my Russian visa application, in preparation for my trip to Pskov, Moscow and St. Petersburg. While this is still quite some time away, being from Canada, I get to fill out lots of paperwork unlike my European counterparts, who are able to have the travel agency running the school trip do it for them.

In my first post, I mentioned a potential trip to Serbia. What I failed to mention was that Serbia was a last ditch effort to go somewhere when the unofficial airline of the Latvia, airBaltic, increased the price of their non stop flight from Riga to Tbilisi, Georgia. However, several days ago, my roommate and I were looking on many airline websites (by many, I mean most as we must have gone through every national carrier for Central and Eastern Europe as well as every budget carrier we could think of) to see if we could figure something out. While I was on the airBaltic website, I noticed they had a summer flight sale that ended on March 14. Following the link, I looked at their routes and prices and there is Riga – Tbilisi – Riga for 115 euro + baggage. Being somewhat impulsive and still very much enjoying to go to places that not a lot of people want to go to, we booked our tickets and are now anxiously looking forward to our seven days in Georgia.

As an aside for the Canadian traveler to Eastern Europe who is missing Tim Hortons (extra larges do not seem to exist in the average location), make sure to go to Poland. They have a coffee shop much like Tim Hortons called coffeeheaven, even to the point where you could almost say there is one on every corner. Also, they have extra large beverages and the coffee is quite good, though of course, not better than Timmies. After having sampled quite a few coffee shops throughout Riga, Estonia, Warsaw and Helsinki (not really Eastern Europe I know but close enough), coffeeheaven is by far the closest I have found.


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