Ever wanted to be a mascot? Ever wanted to walk around, do some goofy dance moves and have everyone in the room want to take their picture with you?

Well this was my dream. Brock’s mascot is Boomer the Badger and one of the things on my Brock Bucket List was to… BE BOOMER.

On October 25th at the Third Annual Relay for Life, my day had come.

The mascot suite was quite warm. I don’t know if you can see in the photo, but I was gasping for air; partly because it’s hard to breathe out of a 3 inch screen and also because it seemed that I could smell every person that had ever worn the suite… yuck!

It was extremely fun! I jumped around the track waving at people, taking pictures with people and dancing with participants of the event to Taylor Swift! It made my night, and potentially my entire University experience (maybe that’s a little far, but it was honestly so fun!).

How many people can say that they have been their University’s mascot? Not many!

That’s why Brock is so wonderful! You can get involved and be part of a large event such as Relay for Life where students come together and make a difference. You can become part of the University community and its culture of pride. You can BE the mascot.

I love Boomer the Badger.

That’s one more check for the Bucket list!

About Katharine

Hello everyone! My name is Katharine and I am a fourth year student in Concurrent Education (Junior/ Intermediate) minoring in Linguistics. This is my second year as a Campus Experience Coordinator and I am so excited to share why I chose Brock, with prospective students! I love to get involved and be active in the University community, and Brock provides so many great opportunities for student leadership! This year, as a Residence Don, I'll be very busy with residence activities, and transitioning students into their first year! I hope that this blog inspires you to explore your post-secondary education opportunities, and maybe I'll even get the opportunity to meet you on a tour of Brock!

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