About the map

Welcome and thank you for checking out Brock University’s new interactive campus map.

This mobile-friendly, Google-based, layered map enhances the old PDF and simple web versions of campus maps.

The interactive campus map helps members of the Brock University community, particularly people who are new to the campus, navigate the campus using meaningful search words, such as “bookstore” and “registrar”. This means you will no longer have to know the names of buildings in order to find things on campus. In fact, we even have an index of locations as well as a list of building codes, each linking to the respective building’s description and location on the map.

The map includes academic and residence buildings; dining locations on and near campus; student services like the registrar’s office, the library and student awards; parking lots and metres (including accessible parking); sports and recreation locations; and emergency phones. It’s a living map, one that will develop as the University grows.

We hope you like it.

For more information on how you can contribute to the map, visit Help us with the map.