Spring Graduation

If you plan on graduating in June you must apply! Your last day to apply to graduate is February 1st 2012. To apply to graduate you can either log onto your Student Self Serve or fill out the Application to Graduate form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

Be sure to contact your Academic Adviser’s to ensure that you meet the degree requirements! You can reach us on the Faculty of Business portal where you can either book an appointment or send us a message.

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Ready for exams? As the holidays draw near so do exams. If you haven’t already, be sure to look at your exam schedule for this upcoming December. Be sure to plan ahead and leave plenty of study time!

Did you know that studying in a similar environment as to where you will be writing your exam, helps you to remember more of what you studied?

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Scary October

October is here and scarier than ever. Not only do Freddy, Jason and Chucky come to visit, but even more frightening are the midterms and projects due. Every year we get so wrapped up in the excitement of September and the start of the NFL season that we push back the papers and projects. Well, its time to get crackin’! If you feel behind in your courses and are struggling in any way be sure to check in with your Academic Advisers on the FOB portal.

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It’s About Time for Time Management

With classes almost 2 weeks in it is fair to say the 2011 Fall/Winter session is under way. As exciting as it is to most it can at times seem overwhelming. Best way to relieve any anxiety or stress is to set up a plan and manage your time. Time Management is a life long skill that can be learned the easy way or the hard way. The hard way would be to wait until a week before an assisgnment is due only to receive your below stellar grades. The easy way would be to attend a Time Management workshop and get yourself set up for this academic year. This workshop will be held this Wednesday, September 21st. Sign up online to reserve your spot!

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Walk In Advising Only!

For the month of September the Academic Advising team in the Faculty of Business will only be holding walk in advising. They will be there for walk ins from 9:30-11:30am and 1:30-3:30pm. See you soon!

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Orientation Week Begins…NOW!

Well the fun filled and always aniticipated orientation week is now under way. The vendor fair is set up and looking great infornt of the Schmon Tower. With a ton of free give aways it is the place to be this week. As you settle into residence or your apartment be sure to get yourself ready for what is bound to be a busy school year. Know that you have people here to help and feel free to ask you Academic Advisers any questions on the Faculty of Business Portal.

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Getting ready to purchase your books for this year? First, always look for a used book to save some money. Then find out how many readings will be done from that book. If there are only a couple maybe you could share the book with a friend or just read the couple chapters at Chapters. If you are confused as to which books to buy you can always wait until the first day of lectures when the instructor will hold up the textbook and provide you with a course syllabus outlining the readings required. Good to get them early so you don’t fall behind!

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Back to School-Back to Reality

As the weather turns cool and summer comes to an end we all know what is right around the corner. As fall arrives we break our our hoodies, our Brock Badger sweat pants and then start trying to find our student ID cards. We get prepared to wait in a 4 hour line for our bus pass and go to orientation week looking for more free stuff.

In all of this commotion rarely do we stop and plan out our schedule. Yes, the course schedules are made but have you blocked off study time? Should you plan ahead and get the tutor now? Do you know and will you attend the professors office hours?

It is said that the biggest transition into University is time management so why not get ahead this year and start your planning! Need help? Try attending the free Time Management workshop put on by Learning Skills.

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First Year Orientation

Calling all year 1 students. Are you confused about registration, fees, textbooks, required courses, residence or just pretty well everything? If you answered yes on any of the latter you should register for Smart Start. Smart Start, Students Making A Realistic Transition, is Brock University’s summer academic orientation program. This first official day as a Brock student will begin your transition to university life, and help you to feel at home on campus.

What a great way to get all of your questions answered and allow you to really relax this summer knowing that everything is ready for Fall! Why not register today and book your Smart Start day.

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2011 Fall/Winter Timetable Release

Attention all students! Just as exciting as the release of Cherry Coke I am pleased to announce that the 2011 Fall/Winter timetable has now been released. The timetable can be viewed online.

The timetable and registration guide is where you can see what day you have to register, all of the courses that will be offered, important dates and how to register. We highly recommend that you visit this guide and review all of the information before registration begins. Any questions contact your Academic Advisers on the Faculty of Business portal.

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