Exams can bring about emotions that students will have to manage to be successful in their university career. Preparation is a vital component to doing well on exams. Following some helpful suggestions will hopefully lead to an enjoyable and well deserved Winter break.

Recognizing such things as what the instructor has stressed in the final few classes and determining what will be covered and what format will be used is very crucial.
It is important to know if the exam will cover material from the whole term, since the mid term or only certain sections.
Equally important to know is if the exam will consist of essay type questions, short answer, multiple-choice, true-false or any combination of the four.
Reviewing copies of previous exams, if available in the library, and recognizing a consistent theme may be helpful.
Studying with fellow peers may be wise as discussions among classmates can create new ideas and new ways of communicating potential answers. )This strategy can also bring about a better understanding of the topics covered.)
Remember to take a break! Watch your favourite television program, go out for a quick coffee, tea or hot chocolate and enjoy some fresh air or workout for thirty minutes. Taking breaks is important to stay sharp and to ensure you do not become too overwhelmed with information.

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