Reading Week

Reading Week

With reading week just around the corner, many students are looking forward to a nice relaxing week away from the regular routine of school life.
Many students use this opportunity to head back home and catch up with family and friends, while others will escape the winter weather and head south for some fun in the sun.
Whatever you plan on doing over your reading week, it is important to not put school on the back burner for the whole week.
Be it back home, or on the beach be sure to take some time to evaluate what needs to be accomplished during the rest of the school year and set aside some time to catch up on readings and assignments. Bus rides, flights and time waiting in the airport are great opportunities to sneak in some reading during your ‘Reading’ Week.
No matter what your plans are for the upcoming break, be sure to include time for relaxation and fun, but also try to find some ways to include some school work during the week to help alleviate your work load when you return to school.

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