As we move into February, it is now a good time to take inventory and assess how the term is going. Keeping up to date with readings and assignments, understanding the course material, and seeking assistance when needed, whether you are in a full credit or half credit course are all paramount to a student’s success.

It is also an appropriate time to review the current major that you are studying, especially if you are early in your university career. At some point in an academic career as an undergraduate student, you may feel an uncertainty of the major you have chosen to pursue. This is a very common feeling. If you find yourself in this situation, you may feel pressure to come to a decision as soon as possible, however it is important to evaluate your feelings and identify your interests so that you may pursue a major that bests suits your needs.

You must conduct a self-assessment to determine: What do you enjoy? Where do your strengths lie? What career aspirations do you have? and What are you passionate about? Your personal assessment will give you an indication of what assistance you will require in finding a major that is right for you, or reconfirm that you are in fact in the right major.

The 2013/14 Undergraduate Calendar is a resource that can aid in your decision of choosing a major. You may review the many programs Brock has to offer and familiarize yourself with the courses of certain programs you are interested in. Once you have done this, you may book an appointment with an Academic Adviser in the Office of the Registrar to discuss options and requirements of different majors. Appointments can be booked by visiting www.brocku.ca/registrar/advising.

A valuable resource on campus is Career Services, located in the Learning Commons on the main floor of the library. Career Services focuses on self-assessment and research that are regarded as essential first steps toward career exploration. Degree Exploration Guides, Career Cruising and visiting the Job Search section at the Career Services Resource Library are a few tools that can be utilized and assist students in career decision planning.

Visiting your specific program adviser is also essential in confirming if in fact you are in the major you want to be in. You may review not only the courses that you are in, you may also examine the upper year courses that are required for your particular program. You can discuss with your adviser your interests, and establish a program plan that meets your goals and desires. You may contact your specific program adviser by visiting    brocku.ca/registrar/advising/departmental-adviser-contact.

This process requires both time and energy. You must be prepared to do the research, use information gathering techniques, meet with the appropriate people, be realistic and be open to suggestions. Keeping all this in mind, finding your passion and finding what excites you is key to eventually being able to say “I love my job”.

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