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A new academic year is upon us. Feelings of excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness are common with the anticipation of a new school year. If students are beginning university for the first time or are continuing their studies, it is important to be aware of valuable tips to help start a successful new academic year.

Students should set goals that are realistic and achievable. Identify strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm how they can both be improved upon. Determine an action plan and attempt to stay on track.

Goal setting is an important part of having excellent organizational skills and being able to manage time wisely. Be aware of all deadlines, essay submissions, presentations, withdrawal dates and exam dates and make note of them in a day planner, phone or a calendar that would be referred to on a daily basis. Being able to prioritize tasks is also a skill that can assist a student throughout the school year.

Deciding on a place that is comfortable and suitable to do school work is essential to a student’s success. Choose a place that is not disruptive, has adequate lighting and away from distractions such as the television, phone, internet, or social media outlets. Attempt to do this both at home or in residence as well as at the university.

Developing a note taking system does not only assist students in preparation for their classes, it is an essential part of studying for tests and exams. Keeping notes organized and neat, attending all classes, asking questions and participating in discussions are all a part of being an active student.

Utilize the office hours of instructors and teaching assistants if questions arise or a student needs clarification of relevant course material. These office hours are designed for this reason. If the office hours conflict with a course, communicate that with the instructor/TA and arrange a time that questions can be discussed.

Utilizing resources such as Academic Advising Services can prove to be vital to a student’s success. If a student is pursuing a General Studies (General Humanities or Social Sciences) degree, is currently undeclared or is considering changing majors the student should contact an Academic Adviser within the Office of the Registrar. To book an appointment or to view walk-in advising hours please visit www.brocku.ca/registrar/advising. Students who are in a specific major should contact their specific program adviser. A list of departmental advisers can be found at the website above.

For a complete list of Student Services please visit www.brocku.ca/services.

Best of luck with your studies and all the best in 2013/14!

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