Student Entrepreneur of the Month

Student Entrepreneur of the Month

Madi Fuller

Founder, Campus Brainiac

Anyone can have a great idea but at BioLinc, it is clear that ideas are worthless unless properly executed.  Because of her dedication, hard-work ethic, and a clear vision for her own success, we are excited to introduce Madi Fuller as one of two entrepreneurs of the month for January.  Madi is a third year Political Science Co-op student at Brock with a passion for networking and business ventures.  BioLinc is open to students of any discipline which can be intimidating to students outside of the Goodman School of Business but Madi is a great example of how transdisciplinary minds and hard work can excel in a business setting.  Madi continues to prove this as the founder of her new business, Campus Brainiac...

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Madi Fuller

Madi Fuller, Founder, Campus Brianiac