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Here's What Students Have to Say About BaseCamp...

“Brock BaseCamp was an awesome experience. Our leaders did a fantastic job helping us understand what first year was going to be like and telling us about all the resources available to us. I think being in an ‘outdoor classroom’ really helped us have more fun and become friends a lot faster than being part of a normal orientation.” Matt (Concurrent Physical Education)

“Brock BaseCamp was a good experience for me. I met some cool people and this will definitely make my life here at Brock easier. This experience helped me create a community prior to arriving on campus by showing me what it’s like to live with people who I have never met before and actually have a good time.” Robert (Business Administration and Economics)

“The Brock BaseCamp experience has been an amazing start to my university career. I feel that I have learned many things that will help me be successful in my four years at university.” Katie (Kinesiology)

"The Brock BaseCamp experience has been one I won’t forget! With the combination of meeting new friends, being outdoors and being faced with new challenges, I couldn’t ask for more! Coming into Brock BaseCamp, I had very little experience rock climbing and had a fear of heights. With the help and support of the rest of the group, I was able to accomplish climbing the rocks. My favourite part during this experience was finishing the “Cobwebs” climb and rappelling down the cliff. Definitely no regrets joining Brock BaseCamp. The leaders were amazing! They informed us of everything we need to know about Brock and were very supportive throughout the entire experience. Woo! BaseCamp!" Monica (Concurrent Education)

“Our first night was a cozy campsite with a gorgeous view. We got to know each other and had our first fire together. The next four days would end up to be some of the best days of the summer. We laughed way too much, shared stories, and got over the awkward “I don’t know anyone” phase. We helped each other with portages and became a close group of friends almost instantly when we had to rely on each other to complete a seemingly impossible task. If you are reading this and thinking all this group did was laugh and canoe your are partially right, but we also discovered how to successfully transition from the sitcom that is high school to university life. This was incredibly beneficial for me and I think all students that come to Brock should participate in BaseCamp. It is by far the best way to help you transition to university life. Even if you are not a fan of canoeing you will still enjoy the trip and wonder how you could have possibly done without it. Brock BaseCamp is a success and I hope it helps students transition to university for many years to come.” Thomas (Sport Management)

"I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived at Brock for my BaseCamp trip. I felt awkward because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t really have any experience. But when we began our trip, I realized that it wasn’t going to be about familiarity. It was about stepping out of your comfort zone, putting yourself out there, and pushing your mind and body to the limit. BaseCamp taught me to test my limits, and made me realize how much strength I really have. It was the perfect experience to prepare myself for the unknown…. University. After talking a lot to my leaders about what Brock will be like, I feel like I’m ready. Thanks to BaseCamp, whether its carrying two 50 pound packs across a forest or surviving first year, I know I can do it." Alicia (Mathematics)

"Brock BaseCamp was a great way to learn about first year at university and get back to Algonquin. Our small group grew close over the 5-day canoe trip, and now we each have a small group of friends going into university. Campfire sessions were information-packed and the stories shared made the nights full of laughter! Maya and Alex were awesome trip leaders, and brought all of us together – no matter how different we were. BaseCamp is a great experience overall, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and wants to learn about first year at university. We all had tons of fun – from paddling across lakes to portaging through the forest and racing for the best campsite… It was fantastic!" Lorrie (Double Major: Biology and Geography)


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