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 Welcome to The Centre for Sport Capacity

On behalf of our members, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about the Centre for Sport Capacity (CSC). Research centres and institutes are not a new concept at a university but we believe our Centre offers a unique opportunity for the sport community both within Canada and beyond.

First, we focus on capacity. The 2002 federal government Canadian Sport Policy identified capacity as one of four key goals which suggests it is a critical area for future development within the Canadian sport system. However, very little is understood about the term. Is capacity just a popular notion –some buzz word gaining momentum within social policy and community development? Is capacity just another way to talk about organizational effectiveness? Is capacity primarily about funding and finding ways to acquire financial resources?

The CSC is a cross-disciplinary group of people who seek to understand how the sport community has taken up the capacity mandate. What do sport leaders think capacity means? Do sport leaders believe capacity is an important area for sport? How are sport leaders building capacity?

Second, we emphasize knowledge sharing. Strong community relations are front and centre for the Centre. Various aspects of the CSC, such as our website, are designed to bridge the academic-practitioner gap. The knowledge generated by academic and community members is shared on our website in a format that is interesting, relevant, and applicable. We will profile our projects and post commentaries and summaries for easy access by the sport community.

We also value input and welcome both solicited and unsolicited opinions from sport leaders on any issue they believe relates to capacity. We will integrate a Capacity Blog on our website to facilitate an exchange of ideas – even calls for backup! It’s time to hear your thoughts and opinions on capacity.

Finally, we envision a “think tank” of expertise. The CSC will serve as a conduit between research and practice. By definition a ‘tank’ is a reservoir and that is what the CSC wants to become... a pool of knowledge that leaders from all facets of the sport system will draw upon as well as contribute to. In this way, we will be in a constant state of growth and can respond to capacity issues that have practical value and scholarly impact.

Please feel free to let us know what you think. The CSC wants to know what is happening in the trenches—where capacity is dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

If you have any questions about the CSC or wish to share some ideas on how our efforts at the Centre can serve your needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to hearing from you!                                                                                                                 

Julie Stevens

Director—Centre for Sport Capacity