Welcome to the Centre for Bone and Muscle Health

Applied Health Sciences - Centre for Bone & Muscle Health

Welcome to the Centre for Bone and Muscle Health

1st annual MHEF was a great success!  

Thank you all for attending.

Based on the feedback, everyone enjoyed the event.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year where you can expect some changes to the format and theme.


Changes to the global demographics identify an immediate need to ensure the quality of life allows individuals not only to live longer but also live better. 

Optimizing musculoskeletal function and health to achieve and maintain a high quality of life and prolong the healthspan (period of time throughout life in which an individual is healthy) is the goal of the Centre for Bone & Muscle Health (CBMH).

With this goal in mind, the vision of the CBMH is to further develop and continue to implement a transdisciplinary research-to-practice approach through the integration of the fundamental pillars of bench sciences, social determinants of health, and community engagement.

The CBMH consists of members from the Departments of Health Sciences, Kinesiology, and Physics.  The CBMH is further enriched with members from the local community and representatives from other universities. Through the Graduate Program in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, the CBMH provides an ideal training environment for graduate students that work alongside postdoctoral fellows and sabbaticant researchers.