Seminar Schedule 2013/14

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Seminar Schedule 2013/14

Graduate Seminar Series 2014/15
Time: Tuesday 1pm-2pm
Location: Academic South, Room 216




Sept. 16

AHS Faculty and students

Graduate studies: myths, tips and carrier

Sept. 23

Leslie Nash

MSc candidate

From tea to 3MT and everything in between

Sept. 30

Dr. Craig Hyatt

Dept. of Sport Management

A Study of Former National Hockey League Team Fans

Oct. 7

Elizabeth Yates 

AHS Library Liaison

Strategies for succeeding on your literature review

Oct. 14



Oct. 21

Daniel Chirico

PhD candidate

Autonomic cardiovascular control in children and adolescents

Oct. 28

Dr. Diane Mack 

Dept. of Kinesiology

Well-being research in individuals living with osteoporosis:  Pitfalls of relegation to secondary outcome status

Nov. 4

Lori Walker

Research Ethics Board

Research Ethics at Brock

Nov. 11

Dr. Tim Fletcher 

Dept. of Kinesiology

Meaning-making in physical education: Integrating theory and practice

Nov. 18

Dr. Kevin Mongeon

Dept. of Sport Management 

When Money is on the Line, Bettors are Bayesians

Nov. 25

Dr. Gary Hodges

Dept. of Kinesiology

Thermoregulation and Skin Blood Flow: The impact of ageing and exercise

Dec. 2

Dr. Audrey Hicks

McMaster University

Body-weight supported ambulation for people with SCI:  What have we learned?

Dec. 9

Dr. Bareket Falk 

Dr. Danny Rosenberg 

Dept. of Kinesiology 

Letters and The Lancet: Commenting on Conflict and Academic Distortions