Seminar Schedule Winter 2016

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Seminar Schedule Winter 2016

Graduate Seminar Series Winter 2016
Time: Tuesday 1pm-2pm
Location: TH 248

January 12 - Sport, Leisure and Class Identity: Exploring Social and Spatial Intersections with Dr. Erin Sharpe, Dept of Recreation and Leisure Studies.

January 19 - Investigation of the Time Dependent Influence of Extracellular Osmotic Stress on Protein Turnover in Skeletal Muscle Cells with Mike McAlpine, PhD student.

January 26 - Cheating in Sport: It's Meanings and Moral Ambiguities with Dr. Danny Rosenberg, Dept of Kinesiology and Graduate students from the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

February 2 - The effect of adverse childhood experiences (ACES) on child health and development with Dr. Terry Wade, Dept of Health Sciences.

February 9 - Integrated knowledge translation in health systems research with Dr. Madelyn Law, Dept of Health Sciences.

February 16 - No classes - Reading week

February 23 - Body image blues no more: putting a positive spin on the study of body image with Dr. Kim Gammage, Dept of Kinesiology

March 1 - Clinical exercise testingin in pediatrics - methods & applications with Dr. Paolo Pianosi, Mayo Clinic

March 8 - Positive Youth Development within Organized Sport with Matthew Marini, PhD student.

March 15 - Exploring the Ecological Self with Eric Windhorst, PhD student.

March 22 - Novel effects of exercise on BACE1 cotent and activity with Dr. Rebecca MacPherson, Guelph University

March 29 - 5P27 project presentations with Dr. Jason Liu and students, Dept of Health Sciences

April 5 - Health: Absence of Disease or State of Well-being? Thematic Presentation 2: the arguments.

April 12 - Health: Absence of Disease or State of Well-being? Thematic Presentation 2: the debate.

April 19 - The Mindfulness Experiment with Dr. Paula Gardner, Dept of Health Sciences.

April 26 - Investigating the roles of core and local temperature on forearm skin blood flow with Matt Mallette, PhD student.