Heart Health in our Niagara Community

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Heart Health in our Niagara Community

Written by: Cymah Hasan, a graduate of the Department of Community Health Sciences who did an internship at the Heart Institute.


The Heart institute is a proud accomplishment of Brock University. This is a non-profit organization supported by the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. It is primarily a cardiac rehabilitation and prevention facility. Here, we strive to develop a quest for the enhancement of cardiac health in the Niagara region. It is also a place where not only cardiovascular and basic physical health is improved, but psychological health has a great potential to excel as well. Patients who have been through a life altering and often traumatic experience of a cardiac event harbor psychological pains that tag along with the package of cardiac illness. The staff, faculty members and volunteers at the heart institute believe we help these members by giving them a positive, safe and friendly environment to share their experience(s) with the volunteers by cultivating friendships and in the process hopefully help initiate a cycle of their psychological healing. The objective of this institute is to motivate members to pursue a healthier lifestyle by making healthier choices within and beyond the institute. Empowering them to feel more autonomous and good about themselves is the target. This is successfully attempted by enabling them to incorporate exercise and gain an appreciation of the benefits of exercise in order to reduce the risks of heart disease.

Personally, I feel our unofficial motto at the heart institute is “Exercise well to excel”. This is significant in that it depicts our long term goal, which is to establish a sense of well being and disease prevention in the Niagara community. I strongly believe that we are making a difference one heart at a time by putting forth the notion of the famous old adage “prevention is better that cure”. Members at the institute realize that physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have a ripple effect on one’s overall health which is turn has a profound impact on a community. This aim is being achieved every day at the heart institute. The Department of Community Health Sciences at Brock University strives to foster this attitude. It is important to remember that if these efforts help make a difference in the quality of lives of members, then it accomplishes our mission and it is definitely worth all the research and resources expended. In short, the Heart Institute is a symbol of Brock University’s level of commitment to a healthy Niagara community and quality cardiac rehab care.

Volunteer placement at institute is a tremendously rewarding experience and a unique asset. On a personal note, I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity and would like to thank the institute family, Brandon, all clients and above all Dr. Faught for letting me contribute in making a small, but hopefully an impactful difference in the lives of some of our members.

Summer opportunities are available now, so go on and be a part of helping the hearts of Niagara. Enrich your life through this great cause of building healthy communities. The heart institute can be reached at 905-688-5550 ext 5585 and/or feel free to drop a line at heartinstitute@brocku.ca. In addition to this, don’t forget to participate in the upcoming 2nd Annual “Walk of Life” on May 15th. The purpose of this event is to help raise awareness of cardiac diseases as well as raise funds to continue extending outstanding care in the Niagara community via our rehab program. Lots of cool prizes and incentives are involved. Hope to see a heartload of all you hearty passionate participants!

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Brock University Heart Institute is a cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program.

for more information contact:
Brock University Heart Institute
Brock Research and Innovation Center, Room 122
130 Lockhart Drive, St. Catharines, ON
T 905 688 5550 x5585
F 9053785724