Got Milk? If You Work Out, You Should.

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Got Milk? If You Work Out, You Should.

The ancient Greek author Sophocles wrote that there is no sense crying over spilt milk. But while Sophocles might not shed a tear, Dr Brian Roy of our Department of Physical Education and Kinesiology and Brock’s Centre for Muscle Metatbolism and Biophysics thinks that it is better to drink your milk rather than spill it. Brian is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Canada Foundation for Innovation to learn more about how muscle and bone develop and respond to physical activity and dietary manipulations. And his research has led him recently to one of nature’s true dietary forces, milk. Ironically, despite its obvious place in our dietary thinking for thousands of years, there is not much well-designed research that explores the relationship between milk, muscle building through



exercise, and the rehydration that we all need after we have worked out. Yet, as Brian says, the research we do have suggests that, compared with traditional “sports drinks”, milk as a post-exercise drink appears to result in greater muscle development and lean body mass. So maybe “drink your milk” was good advice all along!

For a full read of Brian’s review of research about milk and exercise, check out his article in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition at

And you can also read Brian’s comments on the health benefits of milk at