Research support in the name of community sport

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Research support in the name of community sport

Hitting close to home, the Centre for Sport Capacity will be working in community sport research alongside Canadian Sport for Life, Basketball Ontario, Ontario Soccer Association, Ontario Volleyball Association and the Toronto Sport Council.

Receiving a grant of $482,600 over the next three years from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, this collaboration will help develop leadership in community sports.

“Understanding how community sport organizations manage change will be a key element of the project”, says Paul Jurbala, PhD student in Sport Management.

Paul Jurbala will be taking on this project as part of his dissertation for his doctoral studies in Sport Management.

This project will look to increase the community and provincial sport system capacity and encourage the quality of sport participation.

“Sport is the largest volunteer activity in Canada, and there is more than 33, 000 community sport organizations across the country,” says Jurbala, “This is a huge social phenomenon that has an impact on the lives of most Canadians, typically young Canadians”.

As the project progresses, Dr. Julie Stevens, Director of the Centre for Sport Capacity will work with Jurbala to help direct the research in community sport, as well as conduct project evaluations.

“The centre seeks to create links between scholars and sport leaders – both volunteers and professionals – who are active in the field,” said Stevens. “Community engagement is important as the centre works with sport leaders to share knowledge and build capacity in sport.”

Focusing on this project, the research seeks to identify community leaders in provincial sport organizations; helping them to train champions and facilitators in community sport with the capacity to implement change.

Over the course of the project, the Canadian Sport for Life and Long-Term Athlete Development principles and programs will be integrated into an overarching community sport paradigm across Canada.