Close your eyes and think of Phys Ed.

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Close your eyes and think of Phys Ed.

Now think again.

There is a lot of talk these days about experiential learning and service learning. If anyone wants to know how this really works, there are 17 Brock students who travelled to El Salvador who could explain it. They have lived it.

From May 8 – 22nd, James Mandigo and John Corlett, both Brock faculty members in the Physical Education & Kinesiology department, took 17 of our Physical Education undergraduate students along with Kelsey Pinch, our HPE graduate student to El Salvador.

In January, students registered in PEKN 4F32 (International Experiences in Sport, Health and Physical Education) met weekly to prepare for the work they would have to do once they arrived in El Salvador to participate in the Salud Escolar Integral Program.

Now in its fifth year, the Salud Escolar Integral Program uses sport and physical education as tools to help foster the healthy development of critical life skills such as respect, inclusion, problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making. Such life skills have been identified as being an integral part of combating El Salvador’s largest public health issue; youth violence.




This was the first time that students from Brock University travelled to El Salvador to share their skills and talents in the program.

Throughout the two weeks, the Brock students visited several local schools and ran special events with children and youth as part of the school’s physical education program.

While in El Salvador, the students also ran workshops with El Salvador’s largest Special Needs School, as well as workshops with the Ministry of Sport, and with Brock’s University partner, Universidad Pedagógica de El Salvador. They also got to attend classes at Pedagógica to gain a better understanding of the physical education program in El Salvador.

The highlight of the two-week trip was the 3rd Annual Unity Games Event held in partnership with Pedagógica University, Scotiabank, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sport. Approximately 300 children from across El Salvador took part in a variety of games which fostered the development of various life skills.


El Salvador 2010

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