Sport Management Students represent within a Network of Numbers

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Sport Management Students represent within a Network of Numbers

 The MIT Sports Analystics Conference is open to industry leaders from the world of sport. In the fifth year of the conference, Brock Sport Management students found themselves in thick of it all.

The conference was established by students at MIT, Harvard, and is presented by ESPN. The conference examines topics related to ‘analytics’ in sport; known by many as a ‘geek-a-palooza’ of sport. The conference included over 50 industry leader perspectives and prominent figures in sport, including panelists Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks) and Brian Burke (GM, Toronto Maple Leafs).

A group of 47 SPMA students, including many from Cheri Bradish’s fourth year SPMA 4P18 Sport and Social Responsibility class attended the conference. The Primary Student Event Organizer Kyler Nurmsoo, said the experience “was highly educational and provided a mix of professionals from across the sports industry, allowing us to understand concepts from the viewpoints of respected leaders from each of the various sports present”.

Kyler’s organizational work along with Megan Dobson, Abbi Hill and Michael Lambert helped make the trip possible.

Each session was equally fascinating and offered unique and even 'once in a lifetime' experiences for the students. At one point the ESPN Moderator Bill Simmons opened with "take a look around students ... this might likely be the only time in your life you are in a room with three billionaires".

Experiencing the conference within the network of highly visible sport agencies, broadcasters, GM’s and Owners, it really gave students a first-hand experience of the potential opportunities within the industry.

The spotlight was directed to Brock University, as Cheri Bradish described, “At the opening session, co-Founder, Jessica Gelman (Harvard Business School/VP Kraft Sports Group - New England Patriots) shared some stats about the conference, the number of registrants (1500), the 50+ professional sport teams represented, media reach and the 157 schools in attendance, with a strong Ivy League Presence including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, etc., she recognized only one, Brock University”.

A special mention was given to the student group from Brock students, not only at the conference but through a tweet on twitter that landed them within the No. 10 trending topic worldwide, and was retweeted over 20 times over the weekend.

In addition, the students had the opportunity for a meet and greet with Malcolm Gladwell, the New York Times bestselling author of The Tipping Point and Blink.