Right To Play Touches Down at Brock

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Right To Play Touches Down at Brock

Brock University had the honour of playing host to one of the world’s most inspirational leaders in sport development. Johann Olav Koss is the President and CEO of the humanitarian organization Right To Play. His impact and presence within the field of sport development is entrenched worldwide.

Johann stated he was "pleased to be visiting here today because Brock is one of the top 5 universities in the world in sports management, most definitely the best in Canada."

He continued to say "Brock is critical in a worldwide effort to ensure the right of the world's children to play sports and how sports can support children’s development to break the cycle of violence."

This was not the first visit Brock has received from Johann and will not be the last. In 2005, Johann received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Brock University.

Johann’s presence at Brock University was greeted by many Brock Sport Management and Business students, faculty and rightfully so – Brock’s own Right To Play Club.

The Right to Play Club president Kyler Nurmsoo is a fourth year Sport Management student. On behalf of the club he explained that, “Having Johann visit Brock was an inspiration and fuels our motivation for further action promoting Right To Play and the sport for development movement”. The words shared by Johann helped to ignite the passion of Brock student’s and reinforce their continual commitment to changing the world through sport.

Johann stated, "Sports can galvanize many people to generate collective power of influence over the contribution to a better community." Sport teaches self-respect, sportsmanship, teamwork skills, and the value of physical activity for health and wellness. Johann referenced sport as not just a luxury, but as a critical part of childhood development. Sport and play is a way for children to find happiness and create a sense of normalcy, even in the most extreme circumstances.

The capacity for sport extends way beyond the face value of physical activity. Brock students along with its faculty have the chance to change lives through sport research. Johann recognized the research of Brock faculty members as the leaders in creating knowledge to support how sports can aid in children’s development.

This visit from Johann served as a motivational building block to Brock faculty members and students as they continue to utilize the power of sport as a catalyst for change.