Sport Management Student Exchange

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Sport Management Student Exchange

The world is yours to explore, experience and encounter. The opportunity to pursue your own academic adventure is endless. In coordination with International Services, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences offers students the opportunity to enrich their academic minds through cultural and social diversity.

Jennifer Leak is a fourth year Sport Management student within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. Her international exchange kept her within the confines of North America. Although she did not leave North American soil, she still received an international experience through the people she met and the truly diverse culture of Southern United States.

Jennifer’s advice to other students is to “not overlook the United States, especially NCAA division 1 schools”. Her experience speaks for itself, as she encountered all that southern hospitality and sport has to offer at the University of Tennessee.

While on exchange, the practical aspects of her academics were extended as she served as an intern for the Southern Professional Hockey League. This opportunity provided her with work experience and even a job to go back to if she decides to return to Tennessee.

Graduate studies are heavily promoted in the states and Jennifer was encouraged to pursue this avenue. Jennifer said “the professors on exchange were very accommodating for exchange students, and helped ease the transition”. Jennifer has been provided with a reference letter from one of her Professors at University of Tennessee for graduate school applications.

The opportunities are endless, and are not limited to academics. As Jennifer explained, the cultural diversity she experienced was demonstrated through school spirit, “southern hospitality”, and the social conventions that are overlooked by Canadians. For Jennifer, the ability to embrace a new culture has helped her to create a new understanding of our own Canadian culture and the differences that exist.

At the University of Tennessee, the spirit of sport thrives and students participate in all activities in a traditional sea of orange. As Jennifer explained, “everyday the halls were filled with students sporting the school colours”. Her own collection of Tennessee University apparel grew as she immersed herself into the culture. She attended almost all football games and developed a passion for college basketball.

Being a Sport Management student, Jennifer was able to access all the sport stadiums and tour the facilities of a NCAA university. This experience has provided her with new career opportunities in this market that she did not know existed. Jennifer’s exchange left her with lifelong friends, unique academic experiences, and new opportunities.

If interested in pursuing your own international exchange please speak with your academic advisor for more detailed information.