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Blog Post #2: Time to Teach

This past week went by very fast. Classes officially started last week and I was treated to a warm welcome by the first year graduate students when I met them last Tuesday. I had a chance to speak about my two courses – Globalization of Sport and Managing Change and Innovation in Sport Organizations – being offered this term. I also wanted to alleviate any concerns students may have about completing courses in English, with participation in-class discussions, assignments, and presentations all in English. I can only imagine if I had to complete courses taught in German – I would be in trouble! When I offered the students the possibility of submitting their work in French or English, they laughed. I guess French may not have been perceived as a viable option! Anyway, when I finished my mini-presentation about my two courses, the students all started knocking on their desks – that is what they do instead of clapping. Nice!

My first official class was today – Globalization of Sport – and my second class – Managing Change and Innovation in Sport Organizations will start on Thursday. I taught from 1000 to noon and then from 1400 until 1600. The students were great. When I asked them to identify ‘global’ athletes, they listed a number of athletes I did not know. One of them is Franz Beckenbauer – a FIFA world cup champion twice – once as an athlete (team captain for Germany) in 1974 and once as team manager in 1990. He is considered the Emperor (Der Kaiser) of football (soccer) in Germany. He was largely responsible for bringing the FIFA World Cup Event in Germany in 2006 and served as President of the Organizing Committee. I continue to be grateful to be here. It is a great experience made 100 times better by the fact that my colleagues here are treating me like the Queen of Canada. I hope I will not stumble on the red carpet! 

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Matthias and his family. Matthias is a good friend of Kirsty Spence, the Chair of the Department of Sport Management at Brock. He graduated from Universität Tübingen in business administration and now he teaches in a town close to Tübingen. I delivered a couple of Brock t-shirts to Matthias’s children on behalf of Kirsty. They quickly tried them on and used the Brock University ribbon as head bands – a very fashionable look!
This past weekend I hiked to Bebenhausen and its monastery and castle, approximately 8km in total. Bebenhausen is a village just north of Tübingen. It is beautiful and charming!

Image of the Neckar River (click here to view more images)


The monastery was founded in 1183 which might explain why its tower is being restored. It was a scenic hike through the Schönbuch forest with the Fall colours of the trees at their best. I will have to go back and take my camera along for photos! Until next week ...

Lucie T.

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