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Blog Post#4: A Taste of Home

It has been another busy week. As you may know, last Monday I returned from Ottawa after having attended the 4th annual Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference. After seeing snow in Ottawa on Saturday, it was nice to return to milder weather in Tübingen! With the quick trip to Ottawa, you could say I ‘hit the ground running’ with classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and meetings with students and faculty members in between!
From my office window and from one of my classes, I have had front seats to the destruction of one of the sport facilities at the institute. The Gymnastikhalle (gymnastics building) is being torn down to make way for a larger facility. The destruction of the building has been very interesting and I have to admit it was a bit of a distraction for me while I was teaching. It was not because it was noisy – it had more to do with how the crew took pieces of the building off as if they were taking apart a giant LEGO set. I guess with other buildings attached to this gymnastics hall, they had to be careful not to damage the other buildings. I am including a couple of pictures of the methodical destruction for your enjoyment. The pictures were taken by Kurt Arndt – a member of the Technical and Facility Management team of the Sport Institute.


Images of the destruction of Gymnastikhalle

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Classes are going well. Some students have even started presenting their topics in the Change and Innovation in Sport Organizations class. Presentations start this week in the Globalization of Sport class. I continue to be amazed at their English language skills.
On Friday afternoon, I went to Reutlingen. Reutlingen is a city approximately 15km from Tübingen. I hiked with Matthias (Kirsty’s friend) around the Achalm mountain (it is called a mountain but perhaps ‘hill’ is more fitting). From the Achalm, the views are impressive with scenes of the valleys and neighbouring towns. Several people were enjoying the mild weather we have been having this past week! Hiking, kite flying, or flying remote-controlled planes appeared to be the favourite activities on this Friday afternoon. Following the hike, Matthias and I went into the heart of Reutlingen for a walk around the old town and for a hot chocolate at a local café and chocolate shop!
On the social front, I have to say that I have been enjoying the Tübingen and Stuttgart Französische Filmtage (French Film Festival) that started last Thursday. I have taken full advantage of the numerous films being presented as part of the program – there were even a few great Canadian films (Québecois films to be more precise). I figured as I listen to the film, I can read the German subtitles and perhaps improve my vocabulary a little bit! I plan to catch up on a few more films before the Festival ends on Wednesday.
On Monday morning, I will be visiting one of the best sport clubs in Germany with Ansgar, my boss at the Sport Institute. Apparently, the club is often used as a model for other sport clubs in the country. I will provide you with more details about it in next week’s blog.
Until next week ... Tchüss,
Lucie T.

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