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Blog Post #3: Around the World...and Back

Time continues to race by ... I can’t believe it’s already the end of October. Happy Halloween! I am actually at the Toronto airport on my way back to Tübingen. I came back to Ottawa last Wednesday night for the Sport Canada Research Initiative (SCRI) Conference. As a member of SCRI’s advisory committee, I was happy to participate in the conference and hear exciting research being done on various social, cultural, organizational, and psychological aspects of sport participation in Canada. I saw a number of my Brock University colleagues at the conference – Laura Cousens, Greg Jackson, and Kelly Lockwood. I also had a chance to see colleagues from many other Canadian universities.
On the work front, classes are going well. The students in my globalization of sport course asked me about the difference between Brock University students and students at the Universität Tübingen. The obvious differences I told them was their European perspective in discussions of global issues – which I very much appreciate because my perspective is based largely on the North American experience. The other difference I noted was the lack of baseball caps on their heads. They laughed and explained that baseball caps were not permitted in classes at the sport institute. So I guess the students here are not too different than the sport management students at Brock!
For my tourist destination, on the weekend of October 23, I visited an open air museum of ancient Roman ruins called Villa Rustica in Hechingen-Stein (south of Tübingen) with my new friends and colleagues from work, Monika and Kim. When building foundations were found on the land during the 1970s, archeological excavations were undertaken in 1978 (and beyond –excavations are still ongoing) to reveal what is believed to be the site of an ancient Roman villa dating back to the 1st century. Based on the location and the size of the foundations, archeologists, historians, and anthropologists were able to re-create some of the buildings of the villa. These buildings have even been rebuilt to replicate what Villa Rustica entailed. It was fascinating to see what life may have been like for the Romans while they occupied southwest Germany! If you are interested in reading up on the Roman Villa Rustica, the historical society for the Römisches Freilichtmuseum Hechingen-Stein has a great website ( with lots of information and pictures!
On the same weekend, I also had the opportunity to watch the season opening game of professional volleyball in the region with more new friends and work colleague, Anke, Verena, and Monika. The local team, EnBW TV (Turnverein) Rottenburg, was playing SCC (Sport Club Charlottenburg) Berlin in the Volleyball Bundesliga. It was an exciting match but in the end SCC Berlin proved too challenging for the local team. Anke and Verena had VIP tickets for this game so once again I was treated like royalty with great food, great seats, great company, and an opportunity to meet some of the players and team officials.

Image of professional volleyball team Turnverein Rottenburg

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Until next week ... Tchüss,

Lucie T.

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