Peter Gardner - MA in Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Peter Gardner - MA in Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management)

Supervisor: Dr. Hilary Findlay
Research Topic: Sport-Specific Arbitration: A Qualitative Investigation of Four Athletes’ Perceptions of the Fairness of the Process.

I discovered the Brock University Sport Management program while attending a graduate studies fair at the University of Alberta.  After reading my Academic Supervisor's research interests and deciding they aligned with mine, I quickly realized that Brock's Sport Management program was the place for me. Long story short, the quality of the Faculty members in the Department is what attracted me to the program.

While enrolled in the graduate studies program in Sport Management, I was provided with an opportunity to explore my interest in sport and the law at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I spent four weeks working with VANOC's Commercial Rights Management/Brand Protection team ensuring VANOC could deliver a commercially, politically, and religious free-experience to athletes, spectators, and broadcasters during the Games.

I discovered my area of research with the help from my Academic Supervisor, Hilary Findlay, and while exploring my wider interest in the area of sport and the law. My thesis research project focused on exploring Canadian athletes' perceptions of the fairness of the sport-specific arbitration system that exists in Canada.

Since completing my thesis research project, I've accepted a position with the Twentyten Group (TTG), a full service sponsorship and marketing agency. TTG provides me with an environment to apply the skills I've acquired through my experiences at Brock, and an opportunity to learn from a stable of experienced and talented sport sponsorship and marketing professionals.

My advice to someone considering graduate studies at Brock would be to connect with the faculty members in the Department. Ultimately, I chose to attend Brock because of the Faculty. Spend some time reading their online bios, track down some of their publications, and don't be afraid to connect with a prospective Academic Supervisor over the phone. I think that the key to being successful in Brock's Sport Management graduate program starts with the Student/Advisor relationship.