Lauren Hamilton - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Lauren Hamilton - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

Supervisor: Dr. Craig Tokuno

Research Topic: The changes in postural control with age.

With my research I am investigating the neural and mechanical control of balance recovery in older and younger adults.

My testing is completed in the balance and Gait laboratory with electromyographical(EMG) and 3D motion analysis measures to quantify balance reactions and a visual tracking task is used to test the cognitive abilities of the participants.

I was first introduced to this field while working at a long-term care facility for 3 years as a recreation and therapy student. It was here that I became interested in the cognitive and movement capabilities of older adults.

Impacting the senior citizen population, this research will challenge and potentially reveal any deficits in their attentional capacity. The results of this research may be implemented when planning interventions to improve and maintain balance and cognitive abilities of older adults to help limit falls.

I thoroughly enjoyed the kinesiology program and all of the resources Brock has to offer during my undergraduate studies. Also, faculty members are very approachable and will go the extra mile to ensure you are successful.

My educational experience was shaped by many of my peers and faculty. However, it wasn’t until I did an independent study and worked as a research assistant for Dr. Craig Tokuno and Dr. Philip Wilson, where I was able to go beyond the classroom and participate in research at Brock.

In the future, I plan to attend medical school upon completion of my master’s degree.

Looking back on my experience, I would advise someone considering graduate school to take part in an independent study or a research project to gain a better understanding of the research you wish to pursue.