Deborah Jehu - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Deborah Jehu - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

The focus of my research entails examining the effects of exercise on balance in older adults to reduce the pandemic of falls in this population.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Bkin, I was very interested in balance, exercise and working with older adult populations which is in line with the research conducted in Allan Adkin’s lab.

This area of research allowed me to further explore my interest in health promotion, specifically physical activity and my interest in examining the effects of age on balance.

We examined 18 clinical balance tests that ranged from stance, stance-related to walking tests using the Swaystar Apparatus. This wireless apparatus collected angular changes in trunk sway during each test.  The 5 variables examined were pitch and roll angle, pitch and roll velocity, and duration. Participants were tested at baseline and at 12-weeks.
Those in the exercise group engaged in multifactorial exercise including aerobic, resistance, balance, and flexibility training 3 times per week.

Those in the control group were asked not to change anything in their lifestyle during their control period and were invited to join the exercise program once their control period was complete.

I loved interacting with participants, especially once they completed their exercise program as they would normally report they felt more confident, had more energy, increased their quality of life, etc. I also really liked helping the older adults with their exercise routines and modifying their routines to suit their individual needs.

Outside of lab, I enjoyed networking with other students and faculty members at the various conferences I have attended. This opportunity has improved my communication skills and was very educational. My supervisor’s guidance and advice during our meetings were also very helpful.

I have really enjoyed my experience at Brock. I love the structure of graduate studies and the opportunity to be a teaching assistant was a great experience. I would definitely recommend graduate studies at Brock.

I am pursuing a PhD in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa in September 2012 in a similar field of interest.

I love to wrestle, it was my extracuricular activity during both my undergraduate and graduate studies, and allowed me to compete on the varsity wrestling team.

Funding & Awards (optional):
Graduate Teaching Assistant Award ($400), 2011-2012
• Nominated and awarded one of two awards for all teaching assistants at Brock University for superior commitment to creating an effective learning environment for my students
Harrison Thompson Bursary Trust ($5000), 2011-2012
• In recognition of exceptional research contributions
President’s Golf Tournament Award ($500), 2011-2012
• In recognition of academic success while sustaining varsity status at Brock University
Graduate Student Fellowship ($6000), 2011-2012
• In recognition of achieving honours
Dean of Graduate Studies Spring Research Fellowship ($3000), 2011
• In recognition of research contributions
Graduate Student Association Award ($200), 2011
• In recognition of fellow graduate student development
Research Fellowship ($1800) , 2011
• In recognition of summer involvement in the research lab
Graduate Student Fellowship ($6000), 2010-2011
• In recognition of achieving honours