Danielle Smith - MA in Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Danielle Smith - MA in Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management)

Co-Supervisors Dr. Cheri Bradish and Dr. Craig Hyatt

Research Topic: A Study of Nonfans and Fans of the National Lacrosse League Edmonton Rush.

I did my undergraduate degree at Brock, which is how I was first introduced to the Sport Management program. The support of the faculty helped to encourage me to take the plunge into exploring my graduate options at Brock. Attending Brock allowed me to utilize my strengths and find a research topic that suited my interests. The prospect of receiving additional financial support from grants, bursaries and scholarships made my decision a lot easier as well.

The reason that I chose my area of research was because I had a passion for lacrosse, as it was a sport I grew up playing. Coming from a smaller community, it was natural that the lacrosse program struggled. Although the Ontario Lacrosse Association is strong within the Canadian Lacrosse Association, it is not as popular when compared to other sports like hockey and basketball. My passion fuels my interest, as I work to help the sport grow provincially and nationally.

My research has focused on understanding why there is a lack of interest in lacrosse within the professional league. The Edmonton Rush was a great fit for my thesis, as they are a struggling Canadian franchise in the National Lacrosse League (NLL). Through my thesis I discovered the importance of the relationship between the professional league and the grass root programs in lacrosse.

In my current position, I am the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association. This position has quickly helped me learn many different skills within the sport industry workforce, you could say that I wear a lot of “different hats” in my current role. I am the only one in the office, and responsible for 13 Member Associations across the province. This position is a major stepping stone that has opened endless opportunities.

In 2009, I attended the Sport Marketing Association Conference in Cleveland, OH. The conference made me realize the importance of academia and sport within the sport industry. At this conference I was able to recognize strong reputation Brock’s Sport Management program has developed. The networking opportunities at this conference allowed me to share and discuss ideas; it was a very welcoming and encouraging experience.

The Master of Arts program in Sport Management was a lot of hard work, and came with many ups and downs. One of the great things about Brock was the network of faculty, students and staff that served as an excellent support system and enhanced the learning experience. This opportunity was a very worthwhile experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone with a strong work ethic. If you are thinking about it, my advice would be to go ahead and do it.