Yasmeen Mezil - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Yasmeen Mezil - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

My graduate research focuses on examining the systemic effects of exercise on osteoblast activity in vitro. Exercise triggers many systemic responses, such as changes in the levels of endocrine and immunological factors. 

My research is conducted using cell culture techniques that help examine the cellular response to a selection of stimulated treatments. The techniques that are used in this research allow us to investigate the signaling pathways that are activated in osteoblasts triggered by exercise. This information will help to promote the importance of simple exercise in our everyday lives.

Over the course of my undergraduate experience I was able to conduct research projects specific to bone development, osteoporosis, arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Alongside these projects, I was given the opportunity to volunteer in a cell culture lab where I learned about in vitro applications. Gaining the experience in a wet-lab allowed me to ask my own questions about osteoblast activity with relation to a number of stimuli such as nutritional supplements, therapeutic agents, and exercise. The advancements in research I saw happening on campus attracted me to continue with Graduate studies at Brock University.

After I complete my Masters at Brock, I would like to continue my education and pursue a PhD in health or medical sciences.

My advice to any prospective students would be to get up close and personal with an area of research that interests you during your undergraduate career. This way you do not only gain valuable knowledge but you develop a passion towards a certain body of research that will motivate you to contribute to its advancement. Who knows…maybe you’ll change the world someday.