Scott Crozier - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Scott Crozier - MSc in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology)

My research study examines the “Effect of Trainer Muscularity and Expertise on Self-Presentational Concerns, Body Image, and Performance in College Men during One-Repetition Maximum Testing”.

While I have always been interested in training and maximal performance testing, this research topic allowed me to blend other areas of interest like psychology and situational factors supplementing performance.

In this study we manipulated musculature and expertise of a trainer to examine changes in self-presentational efficacy, social anxiety, social physique anxiety, drive for muscularity, and performance. We used a very muscular male described as an expert, and a lean male described as a novice in the field.  

Participants were randomly assigned to complete their 1-RM (Repetition Maximum) protocols with either the muscular, expert trainer or the lean, novice trainer.

Using a variety of scales and measures to assess the involved psychological aspects. All testing was completed in Dr. Gammage’s lab (WH 16- Exercise Intervention Laboratory) where a 1-RM protocol was utilized to obtain maximal strength values for both the chest press and leg press.
We found that participants in the muscular, expert trainer group had significantly higher social anxiety from pre- to post-testing, and actually lifted significantly more weight for the chest press and leg press tests compared to the lean, novice trainer group.

After completing the study it was apparent that trainer characteristics are capable of influencing some self-presentational concerns (social anxiety) and maximal strength performance. The practical implications of these findings extend well beyond the lab, helping to formulate the ideal environment for maximal strength performance.

A primary goal following this study is to share this knowledge by means of a publication in the near future. Following my degree, I aspire to find a career in this field of study or within health care research.

It was a “no-brainer” following an incredible undergraduate experience here at Brock University. Having known my phenomenal supervisors and the facilities Brock has to offer prior to this degree, relocating simply never crossed my mind.

Excellent opportunity! Unlike a course-based undergraduate degree, this unique experience helped me grow both academically and personally.

My research is very connected to my personal life. As mentioned previously, I am very interested in training and maximal performance testing. I have been heavily involved in competitive athletics my entire life, and have worked at the Zone fitness facility (At Brock) for a number of years as a personal trainer. My personal interest in my research has made my experience an absolute joy.

Funding & Awards(optional):

SSHRC (2011-2012)