Lisa M. Kikulis

Applied Health Sciences - Sport Management

Lisa M. Kikulis


My research interests bridge the broad field of policy and organizational studies. My understanding of sport is that it takes place in a broad social, political, institutional, and organizational context. I pursue issues to explore these contexts and their impact on sport policy and its implementation by and through government and non-government organizations. The projects I am currently involved in enable the exploration of citizen engagement, community development, and the relationship between public and private interests. These are pursued through a qualitative methodology with an emergent interest in narrative inquiry.  

Current research projects:

  • A comparative case study of collaborative approaches to sport participation policy development and implementation with Drs. L. Thibault (PI) (Brock), W. Frisby (UBC), S. Vail (York), L. Hoeber (Regina), K. Babiak (Michigan), & L. Kihl (Minnesota)
  • An examination of "Building Tennis Communities" - a community tennis strategy developed by Tennis Canada with Dr. S. Vail (York)

I am not currently accepting Ph.D. students.

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Lisa M. Kikulis

Associate Professor
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