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Media Appearances


Why Major Sports Have Embraced Big Data (And How They Use It), Business Innovation from SAP, May 2013
Moneyball-ization of hockey pays off for Penguins, The Globe and Mail, March 2013
Data, Pucks and Money: Analytics Applied to the National Hockey League Data-Informed magazine, March 2013
A Stat to Face, All Analytics, March 2013
'A quoi peut servir l'analyse?, Journal Metro, November 2012
NHL outliers: Is Jordan Eberle one of the NHL’s rare super snipers$?$ , Edmonton Journal, February 2012
Numbers Indicate That Skill Usually Packs a Bigger Punch Than Fists, New York Times, January 2012
What will come after Corsi plus/minus$?$ Here’s one promising new plus/minus system?, Edmonton Journal, November 2011
The Money Puck Revolution, The Globe and Mail, September 2011
Why haven’t advanced stats caught on in the NHL?, The Globe and Mail, September 2011
Hockey’s new numbers The Globe and Mail, September 2011
Kovalchuk is more useful on the ice than official statistics tells, Sports-Express, Russia, September 2011
Sponsorship of New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Tourney ‘Good for Business, The New Haven Register, September 2011

Dr. Kevin Mongeon, Brock University, Sport Management, Niagara, Sport Stats
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