Hilary A. Findlay

Applied Health Sciences - Sport Management

Hilary A. Findlay


International regulatory systems in sport (IOC, CAS, WADA); Disputes & dispute resolution systems within the Canadian sport system;Mandatory sport-specific arbitration;Interaction of elements of "procedural justice" (that is, how 'fair' people perceive a dispute resolution process to have been) with "procedural fairness" (the legal elements of 'fairness' required by law);Athlete Agreements and the application of principles of contract law; Jurisprudential principles of discrimination in sport.

I continue to practice law through the Centre for Sport and Law (www.sportlaw.ca). My practice focuses on discrimination cases in sport and arbitrations around issues of selection, discipline, doping and other such issues. I also do some policy development work and contract drafting.

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Hilary A. Findlay

Associate Professor
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