Applied Health Sciences - Recreation & Leisure Studies


Selected Publications Include:

  • Sharpe, E.K. & Dear, S. (in review). Points of discomfort: Reflections on power and new ways of relating in international service learning partnerships. Submitted to the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning.
  • Sharpe, E.K. (in review). Environmental education in Canada: Building points of connection with the landscape. Submitted to Accion: The Journal of Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sport in Cuba.
  • Sharpe, E.K. (Accepted). Leisure and social change. In A. Michalos (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Quality of Life Research (1st ed). New York: Springer.
  • Sharpe. E.K., Trussell, D., & Mair, H. (2011). Leisure, space, and change: Foregrounding space in critical leisure scholarship. Leisure/Loisir, 35(1), 1-6.
  • Trussell, D., Sharpe, E.K., & Mair, H. (2011). Leisure, space, and change: Examining the terrain of social struggle and transformation. Leisure/Loisir, 35(2), 1-6.
  • Sharpe, E.K., Forrester, S., & Mandigo, J. (2011). Engaging community providers to create more active after-school environments: Results from the CATCH Kids Club implementation project. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 8(Suppl), S26-S31.
  • Sharpe, E.K. (2010). Are you awake yet? The conscientization process. In K. Paisley & D. Dustin (Eds.), Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Working for Social and Environmental Justice through Parks, Recreation, and Leisure (pp. 15-20). Urbana, IL: Sagamore.
  • McMahon, L., & Sharpe, E.K. (2009). Behavior management in community recreation: Challenges and strategies for engaging behavioral difference. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 27(2), 60-74.
  • Barnes, M., & Sharpe, E. (2009). Looking beyond traditional volunteer management: A case study of an alternative approach to volunteer engagement in parks and recreation. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Management, 20(2), 169-187.
  • Sharpe, E.K. (2008). Festivals and social change: Intersections of pleasure and politics at a community music festival. Leisure Sciences, 30(3), 217-234.
  • Sharpe, E.K. & Lashua, B.D. (2008). Tuning into popular leisure. Leisure/Loisir,32(2), 245-258.


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Erin Sharpe

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