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Invited Book Chapters:

  • Trussell, D. (accepted). Family leisure. In G. Walker, D. Scott, & M. Stodolska (Eds.), Leisure matters: The state and future of leisure studies. State College, PA: Venture
  • Trussell, D. (in press). Sport and community. In R. E. McCarville & K. J. MacKay (Eds.), Leisure for Canadians (2nd Ed). State College, PA: Venture.
  • Trussell, D. (2013). Youth sport: Visible dads, hidden moms, and gendered children. In V. Freysinger, S. Shaw, K. Henderson, & D. Bialeschki (Eds.), Leisure, Women, and Gender  (pp. 311-323). State College, PA: Venture.
  • Mair, H., & Trussell, D. (2010). Restoring our collective obligation: Exploring opportunities for addressing homelessness and social housing. In H. Mair, S. Arai, & D. Reid (Eds.), Decentring work: Critical perspectives on leisure, social policy, and human development. Calgary, AB: University of Calgary Press.

Articles in Refereed Journals:

  • Trussell, D. (2014). Dancing in the margins: Reflections on social justice and researcher identities. Journal of Leisure Research, 46(3), 342-352.
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  • Sharpe, E., Trussell, D., & Mair, H. (2011). Leisure, space and change: Foregrounding space in critical leisure scholarship. Leisure/Loisir, 35(1), 1-6.
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  • Trussell, D. & Shaw, S. (2007). “Daddy’s gone and he’ll be back in October”: Farmwomen’s experiences of family leisure. Journal of Leisure Research, 39(2), 366-387.


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