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Research Grants

  • Project Leads: Tran, H. B. & Rempel, L. A., Collaborators: Rempel, J. K., & Hoa, D. P. (2013-2015) Grand Challenges Canada. Father Involvement: Saving Brains in Vietnam.
  • Co-Principal Investigators: Wahoush, O., & Frisina, A., Co-Investigators: Parascandalo, F., Stanziani, A., Birch, S., Newbold, B., & Rempel, L. (2012-2014). The CASTLE Project: The C (Creating) A (Access) to S (Screening) and T (Training) in the L (Living) E (Environment)  Project.

  • Co-principle investigators: Engel, J. & Rempel, L. A., Co-investigators: Hicks, A., & Burns, A. (2011) ECHO. Supports and programs for women and families who experience early pregnancy loss.

  • Rempel J. K., Rempel, L. A., & Sabone, M. (2010) St. Jerome’s University Internal Grant. Toward an understanding of the influence of Botswana fathers on mothers' breastfeeding decisions.

  • Principle Investigator: Rempel, L. A., Coinvestigators: McCleary, L., Morris, G., Flynn, C., & DeCou, M. L. (2006-2008) RNAO. Effect of implementation of the Breastfeeding BPG in a public health agency on maternal breastfeeding experiences..
  • Rempel, L. A., & Rempel, J. K. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (4A Bridge Grant) (2006) Understanding partner influence: a study of fathers and breastfeeding.
  • Rempel, L. A. (2005) Middlesex-London Breastfeeding Committee Research Award. Prenatal breastfeeding education: Comparison of peer-led and nurse-led breastfeeding classes.
  • Rempel, L. A. & Rempel, J. K. (2004) SSHRC Internal Grant: Toward an understanding of partner influence: A longitudinal study of new fathers influence on mothers' breastfeeding reasons, intentions and experiences.
  • Rempel, L. A. Breastfeeding Buddies Evaluation Study
  • Rempel, L. A. (2002) Canadian Institutes for Health Research New Faculty Internal Grant: Changing breastfeeding reasons and intentions: A test of an intervention guided by the reasons model
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