Sandra J. Peters

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Sandra J. Peters


In my lab, we investigate the regulation of muscle metabolism in response to diet and exercise in various models. In the past we have focussed specifically on the regulation of the skeletal muscle pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) enzyme complex and its important kinase and phosphatase enzymes. These regulatory enzymes respond differently to long term perturbations that shift fuel utilization towards increasing fat oxidation (i.e., endurance training, starvation, high fat diets).

More recently, we have started to explore the regulation of lipid metabolism in muscle. For example, we are exploring the roles of the proteins that coat lipid droplets known as "PLIN proteins" that may be of importance in regulation of intramuscular triglyceride breakdown and synthesis.  Recently, these proteins have been found in mitochondria during muscle contraction, but the reason(s) for this are unclear.  

Studying the regulation of fat and carbohydrate use leads to a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disorders such as insulin resistance and diabetes, and how potential exercise therapies can ameliorate the condition.

Graduate Positions Available:

Applications are invited for up to two MSc positions in the Centre for Bone and Muscle Health at Brock University to study the regulation of lipid metabolism in muscle.  Preliminary application procedure includes sending an email, along with attachments that include a cover letter highlighting your experience relevant to this position and a current curriculum vitae with email addresses of 3 references.

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Sandra J. Peters

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