Réné Vandenboom

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Réné Vandenboom


Skeletal muscle physiology and biophysics. We all have muscles and we all take them for granted. Few people actually realize how amazing our muscles are. They are adaptable biological organs that serve a host of biological needs to ensure our survival. Perhaps most importantly, each muscle is a biological motor, converting chemical energy to mechanical energy to power us through our physical environment. My work focuses on how muscle translates the chemical signal for contraction (calcium) into mechanical force and movement. Muscle function is however not perfect as prolonged or intense usage inevitably leads to a condition of reduced performance known as fatigue. One of muscles most remarkable properties is a failsafe mechanism that may actually resist fatigue - a process termed muscle force potentiation. My ultimate goal is to do work that will help us gain a better understanding of how this failsafe mechanism influences the metabolic performance of muscle during exercise, sport and work.

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Réné Vandenboom

Associate Professor
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