Maureen Connolly

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Maureen Connolly


I am interested in stressed embodiment: bodily experience that includes a broad spectrum of pain,discomfort, disability, physical training, trauma, and addiction. I am also interested in the role of the body in learning and teaching and how bodies can be critically involved in decisions about how teaching and learning are organized.

My other interests include curriculum, movement education, dance, creative and expressive writing and narrative. I work from a phenomenological and semiotic orientation and identify as critically qualitative in my research orientation. In my curricular and pedagogic work, I work from a Freirien perspective.

Much of my recent research is based in the service learning experiences I have coordinated since 1994/1995: SNAP and Autism Movement Camp, and in the embedded curriculum I employ for the participants, the students who work with them and the mentors who work with the students.


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Maureen Connolly

Office: WC 252
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