Matt Greenway, MD, PhD

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Matt Greenway, MD, PhD

MD, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland
PhD, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

2009 Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University
2005 Irish Doctor of the Year for Neuroscience, (Irish bi-annual national)
2005 'Walk to D'Feet MND' Award for 2005 (transatlantic award for most innovative project)
2004 and 2005 Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland Prize in Neurology
2004 Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience Award for Research (annual national award)
2004 European Neurological Society Award for Research in Neurology (European annual award)
2000 Centre for International Health & Cooperation Research Award for research relating to international health


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2007 Health Research Board of Ireland, Co-investigator transatlantic project grant
2007 Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA), Co-investigator transatlantic project grant
2005-2006 Enterprise Ireland Proof of Concept Grant, Co-investigator relating to patent application

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Matthew J. Greenway, MD, PhD