Kimberley L. Gammage

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Kimberley L. Gammage


My research centers around social-cognitive variables associated with exercise and health behaviours. I am particularly interested in self-presentation and body image as related to exercise and health risk behaviours, especially the acute effects of exercise on body image and self-presentational concerns such as social physique anxiety, and self-presentational efficacy. My second line of research investigates the relationship between physical activity and body image in special populations (in particular osteoporosis and older adults). We are looking at the role of body image both in the prevention of osteoporosis (in adolescents) and in the management of the disease (in older adults). I also am interested in the drive for muscularity and its relationship to physical activity.

Many of my collaborations are interdisciplinary - examining how factors from psychology, neural control of movement, and physiology may interact, and impact health related outcomes. To that end, I have several ongoing collaborations with department members outside of the psychology area, including Dr. Allan Adkin (for a series of projects looking at psychological influences on balance control and balance confidence in older and younger adults), Drs Allan Adkin and Nota Klentrou (for studies examining psychological and physical mediators in the relationship between exercise and balance in older adults), and Dr. David Gabriel (for a series of studies examining self-presentational concerns in strength testing settings).


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Kimberley L. Gammage

Associate Professor
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