Kelly L. Lockwood

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Kelly L. Lockwood


Through the disciplines of Biomechanics and Sport Physiology, my research concentrates on the development of on-ice sports including figure skating, ice hockey, and speed skating. Research highlights have included projects at the Olympic Games evaluating athlete performances; industrial research collaboration developing and implementing best practices in training programs for hockey players; and undertaking a three year project funded by Sport Canada to investigate effective infrastructure for Long Term Athlete Development in ice hockey.  My research also extends beyond understanding the human factor of sport performance to include working with industry to assist in the engineering of equipment design. A new research collaboration with Para Olympic sports to profile push mechanics in wheelchair athletes. Ongoing industrial research collaborations include Blademaster Inc., Graf Canada and True Stride Inc. exploring the translation of human potential through equipment design. My background in research and application has fostered the development of a unique perspective of the relationship between the theory and practical application and has made me a strong advocate of the link between science and practice. 


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Kelly L. Lockwood

Associate Professor
Office: WC 290
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