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Recent Publications

  • Cline, L., Mandigo, J. L., Klentrou, N., & Roy, B. (2015). A school based type 2 diabetes prevention program for Canadian elementary students. PHEnex, 6(3), 1-15. 
  • Mandigo, J. L., Corlett, J., Ticas, P., & Vasquez, R. (2014). The role of physical education in the prevention of youth violence. A life-skills based approach in El Salvador. Chapter in K. Young & C. Okada (Eds.). Sport, Social Development and Peace (pp. 103-126). Bingley, UK: Emerald. 
  • Mandigo, J.L., & Lathrop, A. (2014). Physical Literacy and it’s Relevance to Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy in Canada. Chapter in M. Chin & C. R. Edington (Eds). Physical Education and Health: Global Perspectives and Best Practices (pp. 93-108). Urbana, IL: Sagamore.
  • Mandigo, J. L., Harber, V., Higgs, C., Kriellaars, D., & Way, R. (2013). Physical literacy within the educational context in Canada. ICSSPE Bulletin - Journal of Sport Science and Physical Education65, p. 360-366. Retrieved from
  • Corlett, J. & Mandigo, J.(2013). A day in the life. Teaching physical literacy. Physical and Health Education Journal, 78(4), 18-24. 
  • Andre, M., & Mandigo, J. (2013). Analyzing the learning of the taking personal and social responsibility model within a new physical education undergraduate degree program in El Salvador. The Physical Educator, 70(2), 107-134.
  • Fletcher, T., Mandigo, J., & Kosnik, D. (2013).  Elementary classroom teachers and physical education: Change in teacher-related factors during pre-service teacher education. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 18(2), 169-183.
  • Fletcher, T., & Mandigo, J. (2012). The primary school teacher and physical education: A review of research and implications for Irish physical education. Irish Educational Studies Journal, 31(3), 363-376.
  • Mandigo, J. L., Corlett, J., & Lathrop, A. (2012). Physical Education in the 21st Century: To Infinity and Beyond? In E. Singleton & A. Varpalotai (Eds.). Pedagogy for the moving body (pp. 15 - 44). London, ON: Althouse.
  • Sharpe, E., Forrester, S., & Mandigo, J. L. (2011). Engaging community providers to create more active after-school environments: Results from the Ontario CATCH Kids Club Implementation project. Journal of Active Living Research,8(Suppl),  S26-S31.
  •  Mandigo, J. L., Corlett, J. (2010). Understanding of what? TGfU’s role in the development of physical literacy. In J. Butler & L. Griffin (Eds.). More teaching games for understanding: Theory, research, and practice (pp. 69-88).  Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. 
  • Mandigo, J. L. (2010). R. Tait McKenzie Scholarly Address: Putting the education back into the physical.Physical and Health Education Journal, 76(4), 36-41.
  • Hurley, V., & Mandigo, J. L. (2010). Bullying in physical education: Its prevalence and impact on the intention to continue secondary school physical education. PHEnex2(3).
  • Mandigo, J. L. (2010). Presenting the evidence: Quality physical education for Canadian children and youth. Position statement by: Physical and Health Education Canada. PHEnex, 2(1).
  • Mandigo, J. L., Corlett, J., Hobin, E., & Sheppard, J. (2010). The role of physical education teacher preparation in the prevention of youth violence in El Salvador. PHEnex, 2(1).
  • Mandigo, J. L., Francis, N., Lodewyk, K., & Lopez, R. (2009). Physical literacy for educators. Physical and Health Education Journal, 75(3), 27-30.

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