Jae Patterson

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Jae Patterson


My specific research questions are focused on examining practice factors facilitating motor skill acquisition across the lifespan. Such general topics include knowledge of results, observational learning, repetition scheduling, self-controlled practice contexts and subjective error-detection and correction accruacy.

Current areas of inquiry are:

1. Identifying and understanding the practice contexts strengtheing the error-detection and correction capabilities of the learner during motor skill acquistion;

2. Identifying and understanding the role of practice onctexts opitmally challenging the cogntive processes of the leaener based on the placement of task-related augnmented information during motor skill acquistion;

3. Identifying and understanding the mechanisms underlying the learning advantages of performers provided the opportunity to individualize their motor skill acquisition context (e.g., self-controlled practice contexts);

4. Application of motor learning principles to tasks performed in everyday living (e.g., use of a touch screen)

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Jae Patterson

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