David S. Ditor

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

David S. Ditor


Spinal cord injury is a particularly abrupt and life-altering event that is associated with a wide range of physiological and psychological consequences. My research interests include the secondary health complications that accompany spinal cord injury. My emphases in this area includes 1) cardiovascular disease and dysfunction after spinal cord injury, 2) immune status after spinal cord injury and its effects on somatic and autonomic neural function, and 3) sexual function in men and women after spinal cord injury. As exercise training may help to attenuate or reverse some of these health complications I also investigate the effects of exercise on health, function and quality of life after spinal cord injury.

I am also the director of POWER CORD - wheelchair accessible exercise. This facility serves as both a research centre and a community-based exercise centre for individuals in Niagara. POWER CORD currently has exercise programs for spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and amputees. For further information please our website:





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David S. Ditor

Associate Professor
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